Grill cleaner GV-Line

Barbecue cleaner in bulk quality








The GV-Line grill cleaner dissolves incrustations on grill grates, frying plates, in deep fryers as well as ovens. In doing so, he proceeds gently. The grill cleaner removes burnt-in encrustations of fat, oil or smoke resin particularly well.

Grill cleaner is a highly active cleaner that powerfully removes encrustations from all equipment in the commercial kitchen. It is important that it is used exclusively on stainless steel equipment.
Spray the surface generously and leave to act for five minutes.
If necessary, scrub with a brush, remove incrustations and rinse with drinking water.

Deep fryer
Ceramic hob
Stainless steel surfaces

Fireplace glass

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Product sizes

GV-Line Assindia Grill Cleaner is available in the following product sizes:

Grill cleaner 1000ml

1000ml bottle

Article No. 63910

Grill cleaner 5 liters

5 liter canister

Article No. 63950

Grill cleaner 10 liters

10 liter canister

Article No. 63900

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