WC-Kraft-Gel removes lime and urine stains as well as lime stains, rust stains and streaks. The gel adheres to the surface and thus intensifies the cleaning effect. Cleans toilets and urinals, but also faucets, walls, tiles and any sanitary ceramics.

WC Active Gel is a powerful cleaner for the entire sanitary area. During cleaning, a hygienic fresh scent unfolds.

The active ingredient combination effortlessly removes all typical soiling such as lime, urine scale, rust streaks and stains.

WC Power Gel works independently, cleaning is thorough and effortless.

The scraper neck bottle transports toilet power gel to the last corner of the toilet. WCs and urinals become pore-deep clean right up to the rim.

For the application we recommend the oblique neck bottle. With the practical spray insert, you can apply WC Power Gel right to the edge of the toilet and urinal:

The syringe insert must be removed for refilling!

Spray WC Power Gel undiluted to below the rim using the slanted-neck bottle. Allow to act briefly Activate rinsing.


Lime and rust streaks and stains:

Apply 10-20 ml to a damp sponge, cover the stain with WC Power Gel and allow to soak in. Wipe with clear water.


Put 10ml on a damp sponge, wipe faucets with the solution.

Wipe with clear water.

Shower walls and tiles (water stains):

Add 40ml to 5l of water, wash shower walls with the solution. Wipe with clear water.

– WC

– Urinals

– Fittings

Shower walls

– Tiles and any sanitary ware.

Attention: To download safety data sheets you need a password sent to you by e-mail from an Assindia employee. If you have not received a password yet, please request it immediately in the contact form or call us.
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Product sizes

Assindia WC Power Gel is available in the following product sizes:

Intensive cleaner 500ml

750ml bottle

Article No. 12610

Intensive cleaner 5 liters

5 liter canister

Article No. 12650

Intensive cleaner 10 liters

10 liter canister

Article No. 12600

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