Wash Cream De Luxe – more than a liquid soap

Assindia Wash Cream is nourishing and contains mild active ingredients. It is pH skin neutral and moisturizing. Thus, it cleans and nourishes the skin at the same time. The wash cream has a fresh, pleasantly mild scent and thus gives a good feeling. It can be filled into soap dispensers, so the dosage becomes even much easier.

Assindia wash cream contains mild active ingredients. It gently cleanses the hands and at the same time imparts skin protection through the contained care substances. The wash cream is refatting and pH skin neutral. The use of a dosing dispenser is recommended for the washing cream. This makes operation easier and more effective, and also makes more economical use of the product. The wash cream hardly foams and cleanses gently and nourishing.
Wash Cream De Luxe is rubbed between the hands like any other liquid soap with a little water and rinsed thoroughly with water.
It can be used in any soap dispenser that does not need to be filled with cartridges. Easier filling from the canister enables a filling tap.

Hand cleaning
Skin cleansing

Wash cream in soap dispenser ideal in:
– Guest WC
– public toilets
– Hotel room
– Sauna area
– Swimming pool area

Product sizes

Assindia intensive cleaner is available in the following product sizes:

Washing cream 1000ml

1000 ml bottle
Article No. 18210

Washing cream 5 liters

5 liter canister
Article No. 18250

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