Universal Grease Solvent is a highly concentrated universal cleaner in paste form. Universally applicable in catering, butchery, meat processing and food industry. Universal Grease Remover is effective against animal and vegetable fats and oils, Dissolves blood- and protein-containing soiling thoroughly and gently. Biodegradable, phosphate-free. pH neutral. Hygienically and gently dissolves oily and greasy soiling from all metal and plastic surfaces, glass surfaces, painted surfaces and tiles. Cleans tables, counters, troughs, dishes, equipment, machines, floors, doors and windows.

Universal Grease Remover Concentrate is a highly concentrated cleaner in the neutral pH range.

Universal Grease Remover powerfully and effectively removes all contamination from animal and vegetable fats, organic contaminants and pigments.Universal Grease Remover is used in all areas of food processing, meat processing, butchery, agriculture and catering.

Universal grease remover is a versatile product for cleaning equipment, machines, instruments, floors, tiles, sanitary facilities, doors, windows and all moisture-resistant surfaces. Applicable as a dishwasher cleaner for cutlery, dishes and dairy dishes. Universal Grease Remover Concentrate is phosphate-free, skin-friendly and ecologically harmless due to completely biodegradable surfactants.

1. manual cleaning: 10 g to 10 L of cold or hot water.

2. glass cleaning: 5 g to 10 L water, apply with sponge and wash off, peel off and repolish if necessary.

3. high pressure cleaning: stock solution 1 – 2% (= 100 – 200 g to 10 L water) at 40 – 50° C, corresponding to a spray dilution 0.2 – 0.3 %.

Foam cleaning: foam surfaces and equipment with 0.5 – 1 % solution (= 50 – 100 g to 10 L water) at 50 – 60° C in the foam unit, then rinse with hot, clean water.

5th wash: For pre-washing or soaking 4 – 5 kg of dry laundry, dose 5 g into the appropriate detergent compartment. Pre-treat shirt collars and stubborn stains directly with.

6. car cleaning: 5 – 10 g to 10 L warm water, then rinse with clean water

  • Gastronomy
  • Butcher shop
  • Meat processing
  • Food industry.
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Product sizes

Assindia Universal Grease Remover is available in the following product sizes:

Universal grease solvent 5KG

5KG bucket

Article No. 36050

Universal grease solvent 10KG

10KG bucket

Article No. 36000


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