Pro-Line P 7000 TK

Dish Cleaner Powder









The dishwasher cleaner P 7000 TK is especially suitable for the removal of tea and coffee deposits. The cleaner can also be used as an immersion bath. It is mildly alkaline and has a high content of active chlorine. This allows for residual removal of coffee and tea deposits from coffee utensils. In addition, the P 7000 TK can be used to dissolve fresh food residues that are neither burnt nor dried on.

The Pro-Line P 7000 TK is a dishwasher cleaner in powder form. It is specially designed for cleaning tea and coffee utensils. Due to its high content of active chlorine, the tea and coffee deposits are removed completely. Even light and fresh food residues can be dissolved with P 7000 TK.
The Pro-Line P 7000 TK is used as a powder dishwashing detergent. It is mildly alkaline and therefore universally applicable. This cleaner is only suitable to a limited extent for stubborn soiling.

Gastronomy – cafes, bistros, restaurants, coffee houses
Hotel industry
Private kitchen

Crockery, especially with tea and coffee residues

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Product sizes

The Assindia Pro-Line P 7000 TK dishwasher is available in the following product sizes:

P 7000 TK cleaner 25kg

25kg hobbock
Article No. 51730


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