Tableware Pro-Line F 6500 HW Extra

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The Assindia Pro-Line F 6700 HW Extra liquid dishwasher detergent is suitable for particularly high water hardness. The F 6700 HW Extra cleans without phosphate and active chlorine. The dishwasher can also manage low water hardness levels – here the F 6700 HW Extra has proven to be extremely economical and economical.

Assindia Pro-Line F 6700 is a phosphate and chlorine free cleaner for use in commercial dishwashers. It is particularly suitable for high water hardness. The highly alkaline combination of active ingredients also dissolves coarse soiling and dried-on food residues from dishes.
The Dish Cleaner F 6700 HW Extra is used according to the dosage instructions on the product. Depending on the water hardness, the product must be concentrated differently. F 6700 HW Extra is particularly suitable for cleaning porcelain, stainless steel, glass and plastic tableware. It should not be used for aluminum, anodized and light alloys.

Hotel industry
Private kitchen

Tableware, both porcelain and plastic
Stainless steel
Cutlery, but not silverware

Product sizes

The Assindia Pro-Line F 6700 HW Extra dishwasher is available in the following product sizes:

Pro-Line F 6700 HW Extra 13kg

13kg canister
Article No. 56500

Pro-Line F 6700 HW Extra 26kg

26kg canister
Article No. 56530

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