Smoke Resin Remover Powder

Smoke Resin Remover Powder is a highly alkaline cleaner for equipment with extremely heavy smoking, grilling and frying residues. Smoke ovens, BBQ grills, grill grates, and smoke hooks become sparkling clean again with a dip of Smoke Resin Remover.Smoke Resin Remover cleans all surfaces made of stainless steel, ceramics and alkali-resistant plastics All residues from smoke resin and smoke tar, protein and grease are dissolved and removed completely. Smoke Resin Remover cleans BBQ smokers and grills as well as smokers for fish, meat or sausage. Smoke resin remover is excellent for cleaning hot and air conditioning smoke systems

Especially for extremely heavy soiling Smoke Resin Remover thoroughly and powerfully dissolves smoke resin and soot soiling, oil, grease and tar soiling as well as burnt-on food residues. Smoke resin remover cleans smokehouses, smokehouses, BBQ smokers, smoking equipment for meat, sausage and fish.

Dosage:  2.0 to 5.0 %

Temperature:   40 to 90 °C

Exposure time:   10 – 15 min.

Process:  Automatic cleaning, spraying

– Smoking ovens

– BBQ grills

– Grill grates

– Smoking hook

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Product sizes

Assindia smoke resin remover is available in the following product sizes:

Smoke resin remover 5KG

5KG bucket

Article No. 50050


Intensive cleaner 10 liters

10KG bucket

Article No. 50000



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