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The protein cleaner or immersion cleaner is a basic cleaner concentrate for dishes and cutlery. It is a chlorine-free basic cleaner with active oxygen that quickly and thoroughly removes baked-on protein and starch deposits from dishes and cutlery. It also removes discoloration on dishes and cutlery, as well as coffee and tea residues. The protein solvent or immersion cleaner already develops an intensive cleaning effect at a low application concentration. Pretreatment leads to enormous time and cost savings.

The protein solvent or immersion cleaner is a special product suitable for the pretreatment of extremely starchy and protein-stained dishes or cutlery. Dried-on food residues can also be dissolved by pretreatment in immersion baths. The items to be cleaned are „bathed“ in the cleaner before they are completely cleaned during machine dishwashing.
Dirty dishes and cutlery are first bathed in the protein solvent or immersion cleaner. The exact dosage can be taken from the product label. After that, the dishes and cutlery are cleaned by machine. Mixing the active ingredients from protein solvent and dish detergent is usually unproblematic.
Hotel industry


Protein- and starch-containing food residues on dishes and cutlery
Coffee and tea residues on crockery and cutlery

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Product sizes

The Assindia protein solvent or immersion cleaner is available in the following product sizes:

Protein solvent immersion cleaner 10kg

10kg bucket
Article No. 50600


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