Private label and own brands




Private label and own brands

Would you like to establish yourself on the market with your own brands of cleaning and care products or liquid or powder products? You need a change of an existing product this independently offer and distribute? Contact us, in addition to our own products we have a large portfolio of proven formulations from all areas. We develop individual products according to your specifications or create complete product range concepts on request. In addition, we offer all accompanying services such as product development, product registration, storage and logistics, packaging design and product marketing from a single source. Make your manufacturing inquiry right now and get a no-obligation quote.


Private Label: What’s behind it?

By using private labels, companies can establish their products on the market, build up their own brand image or strengthen an existing image and differentiate themselves from other brand manufacturers.
At the same time, using a private label strengthens the relationship with the customer, because product loyalty with own brands is high. This circumstance makes private label very interesting and lucrative for many industries.


Private Label at Assindia: This is how it is developed

Using a private label for a product or an entire product line offers you greater price flexibility as well as a certain independence from well-known brand manufacturers. Your own brand enables you to position yourself independently on the market through appropriate product marketing and to retain customers in the long term.
Here it is completely irrelevant whether the product was also developed and manufactured by you or whether it is manufactured by Assindia Contract Manufacturing Service on your behalf or merely modified and repackaged.

To get the most out of your private label, your focus should be on product design and related pricing policies that allow you to position private label brands in specific price segments to mitigate pricing pressure from competitors and win over specific segments of competitors.
Assindia is your all-round service provider, which develops and produces private label products for cleaning and care and supports you in all marketing measures up to point of sale consulting for a successful sale of your products.


What service offerings support our private label at Assindia ?

Assindia’s proven expertise enables us to provide support at numerous stages of the process to ensure that your private label achieves the maximum achievable success. Our service consulting already starts with the recipe, the visual packaging design, the market positioning up to the distribution strategy and the choice of sales channels. In all areas, we offer our private label customers support at any time upon request. Reliable, goal-oriented and from a single source.


Your advantages with Assindia’s private label full service:


Competent product development

We support you in the production of your product, whether with or without a recipe!


Packaging and label design

We optimize your product with you from the packaging to the label for maximum sales!


Product marketing and placement

We do not leave you alone with the marketing strategy! If you wish, we can provide you with complete support for the market launch and positioning of your product.


Storage and logistics service

We take care of storage and logistics in the procurement of raw materials as well as your finished products!

Developments in private label products

Private labels have developed extremely positively in recent years and have become an interesting alternative for retailers in numerous sectors.
This can be explained, among other things, by the fact that specialized private label suppliers such as Assindia Chemie offer attractive complete solutions, which experience has shown to be excellent for establishing themselves in the respective market segments.
Interestingly, private label and manufacturer brands even seem to be able to fuel each other.
According to a study by Insead, a business school, sales of both established branded products and private label products increased in many product categories, even with the addition of new private labels launched in the high-price segment.
Private label products thus represent a proven method for improving, expanding and establishing the brand image. They also promote customer loyalty and have a demonstrably positive impact on sales development.


Studies on the subject of private label

The market research company ACNielsen conducted a comprehensive study on behalf of the World Association of Private Label Manufacturers and examined the private label business in 38 countries.
The study showed an average sales increase of five percent for private labels, which was mainly at the expense of directly competing manufacturer brands.
Even in Western European and Central European regions, where private labels have traditionally had a strong presence, they once again recorded significant sales growth.
For many companies, therefore, a dual strategy has emerged of offering both branded and private label items, for example, to serve different price segments.
According to the study, there is still great potential in the private labeling sector. You too can benefit from this and make a production inquiry!

Other services that may be of interest to you

Product marketing

We support you in all important processes from strategy development to the selection of optimal sales channels.


You would like to expand your online store assortment risk-free with cleaning agents? Assindia offers the perfect dropshipping solution.

Contract manufacturing

As a contract manufacturer for cleaning agents, liquid products, powders and bulk materials, Assindia is your reliable partner when it comes to contract manufacturing.

Warehouse and logistics

Benefit from the special conditions of our logistics partners and save resources through our warehousing service!

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