Mold Remover

Highly effective mold removers with and without chlorine
for reliable mold removal.

Professional quality mold remover – With and without chlorine

Damp spots in rooms, basement areas or sanitary areas lead to the development of mold.mold is not only unsightly, but sometimes severely harmful to health. A professional mold remover can effectively remove the discoloration and deep-seated mold. Assindia offers both the classic, powerful mold remover with chlorine for tiles, grout and walls and a material-friendly version without chlorine. Depending on the material, our mold removers thus cover the entire spectrum of mold removal, whether for mold on grout, on walls or on sensitive wallpaper or textiles.

Mold remover chlorine free

Mildew Remover Professional chlorine free

The Professional Chlorine Free is a highly effective active cleaner for the safe and permanent removal of mold and mildew stains on sensitive materials. With its special formula, the cleaner gently removes mold without attacking the substrate. This makes it particularly suitable for sensitive living areas such as living rooms or bedrooms. Assindia’s chlorine-free mold remover is safe for the user and absolutely harmless.


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Mold remover with active chlorine

Mold Remover- Active Chlorine

Mold is one of those insidious environmental toxins that can spread through any living space or workplace. Unnoticed, it grows in walls, walls, in furniture, flooring and clothing. When it becomes visible, we only see the tip of the iceberg. The actual fungus is a mesh that lives and grows underground. Mildew Remover Active Chlorine is a highly effective active cleaner for the safe and permanent removal of mildew stains, mold and bacteria. The highly concentrated active chlorine formula guarantees immediate and lasting effect with additional bleaching effect.


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