Mixing and filling



Mixing, filling and packaging

During filling and as contract bottler with decades of experience, we are able to respond quickly and effectively to your individual needs at any time. Our service offer in the field of mixing and filling includes
– Liquids
– Powder and other granules and
– slightly viscous materials.

For filling, we have a state-of-the-art machine park at our disposal. From contract filling in small quantities (from about 500 bottles) to contract filling and contract blending in large quantities, everything is possible.

As a contract filler, we offer filling from small bottles (from 500ml) to canisters and 1000 liter IBC tanks. Make your manufacturing inquiry right now and get a no-obligation quote.


Examples of contract filling for liquid products:

Filling in spray bottles

Filling maintenance cleaner

Dishwashing liquid filling (viscous liquids)

Filling bottles with screw cap

Examples of contract filling for powder products:

Filling into bags

Powder filling in bags made of plastic, paper or combinations. We twist, sew, knot or close bags according to your requirements.

Filling into bags

We fill your powder products or granules into plastic bags, printed or unprinted as desired, for single use or resealable.

Filling in buckets

We fill powders and granules in buckets of various sizes and confections, with or without carrying handle, colored, labeled or printed, according to your specifications.

Filling in cans

Powder we also fill in cans with screw cap or plastic lid. We fill plastic cans or metal cans as requested and label them individually.

Final assembly with label and packaging

Upon request, we will provide you with a final product ready for immediate sale. After the filling of liquids or filling of powder products, we also undertake the design of the final packaging as well as the labels. If you don’t have your own label yet, we are also happy to do the complete label design or packaging design for you in our packaging design service. As a filler, we pack your products according to your wishes in glass containers, plastic bottles, canisters, buckets, IBC tanks, bags, sacks, folding boxes, tubular bags, clip bags and many other outer packaging. Ask us, we will be happy to help you.


Recipe service

Do you have your own recipe or would you like us to advise you? As a contract filler, we fill products into the desired containers according to the formulation provided by you, as well as products that we manufacture according to our own formulation. For all fillings, we will, of course, meet your expectations in terms of quality standards. Assindia is familiar with all mixing processes, but also with the complete range of packaging and filling techniques, and offers the highest quality of service in mixing and filling at all times, on which you can rely.


Quality control and quality assurance

All blending and filling processes are accompanied by careful quality controls. Thus, we always ensure good, clean performance, on-time delivery and optimal product quality. Also special filling in small quantities or special fillings are no problem for us – just talk to us about it.


Other services that may be of interest to you

Label design

You need a design for your packaging or label? Let us advise you!


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Contract manufacturing

As a contract manufacturer for cleaning agents, liquid products, powders and bulk materials, Assindia is your reliable partner when it comes to contract manufacturing.

Warehouse and logistics

Benefit from the special conditions of our logistics partners and save resources through our warehousing service!


More questions about contract manufacturing? We are happy to help.