Intensive cleaner from Assindia – The all-rounder


Set intensive cleanerAssindia Intensive Cleaner is probably the most versatile cleaner in our range. For the professional user, the intensive cleaner is the ideal cleaner for the commercial kitchen. It is highly concentrated and suitable for professional use. Our intensive cleaner cleans all stainless steel and plastic surfaces. Without much effort it removes grease, oil, wax, nicotine, tar and smoke resin.
The combination of active ingredients was further optimized. Intensive Cleaner now contains an alkaline action accelerator. You can see it immediately when spraying on: grease, resin, tar, even graphite contamination are immediately dissolved and emulsified. The range of applications for Assindia Intensive Cleaner is almost unlimited. Many users have successfully used Intensive Cleaner in completely new areas.

The intensive cleaner removes dirt with a naturally renewable, biologically derived citro-active grease solvent.
It is the optimal cleaner for the commercial kitchen. The intensive cleaner is an alkaline high concentrate for the
professional use. It quickly and effortlessly cleans all plastic and stainless steel surfaces.
The intensive cleaner removes grease, oil, wax and other difficult dirt as if by itself.

Environmental sustainability:
All surfactants used are more biodegradable than required by law.
The pump-sprayer bottle is refillable from the canister and thus ecologically exemplary. The packaging is made of recyclable polyethylene (PE).

The surface to be cleaned is sprayed generously with Assindia’s intensive cleaner. Wait about a minute, then you can wipe. In the case of stubborn soiling, we recommend an extended exposure time and intensive wiping of the surface to be cleaned.
It is important to wipe with clear water afterwards so that the intensive cleaner does not attack the surface.
After cleaning ground stainless steel, we recommend post-treatment with Cromodur Stainless Steel Care.

For easier filling from the canister, there is a filling tap in our range.

Stainless steel
– Commercial kitchens
– Fittings
– Stainless steel appliances
– Stainless steel grill
– Window frame, door frame
– Rubber seals
– Keyboards, monitors
– Plastic furniture (plastic garden furniture)
– Neon boards / whiteboards
– Car interior
Rubber and caoutchouc
– Window seals and door seals
– Conveyor belts and conveyor belts

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Intensive cleaner for stainless steel

Assindia Intensive Cleaner shows its strength especially in the cleaning of polished stainless steel. Whether it’s commercial kitchen faucets, shelves, fronts or hoods – Assindia’s intensive cleaner thoroughly degreases stainless steel and gives it its usual shine. The new spray-free formulation adheres better to vertical surfaces, resulting in far greater efficiency. Assindia Intensive Cleaner is phosphate and solvent-free and dissolves dirt with double power: It not only dissolves dirt from above. It infiltrates the soiling and breaks it up there from below. The new formula dries streak-free and without residue on any surface. Especially ground stainless steel is cleaned better than ever before.

Intensive cleaner for plastic and rubber

The solvent-free formula of Assindia Intensive Cleaner makes it a perfect cleaner for plastics. Window frames, door frames, monitors, rubber seals or even PC keyboards can be cleaned excellently with the intensive cleaner. Particularly stubborn discolorations caused by nicotine or smoke resin as well as grease stains are thoroughly removed without damaging the material.

Intensive cleaner also shows its enormous performance in the factory, office, workshop and car. Car fittings, plastic parts, oily tools or plastic surfaces in everyday office use can be excellently cleaned and maintained with this versatile professional product.

Product sizes

Assindia intensive cleaner is available in the following product sizes:

Intensive cleaner 500ml
500ml pump sprayer
Article No. 62020
Intensive cleaner 5 liters
5 liter canister
Article No. 62050
Intensive cleaner 10 liters
10 liter canister
Article No. 62000

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