Assindia Hygiene System

Get to know the proven hygiene system from Assindia! To find out details about a specific product from the hygiene system, move the mouse over the corresponding product.


What is the Assindia Hygiene System?

The Assindia Hygiene System is the all-inclusive package for catering hygiene in accordance with HACCP specifications or LMHV. The hygiene system contains all the products that the caterer needs for cleaning, care and disinfection in accordance with hygiene regulations:

11 professional products, specially designed to meet the requirements of the commercial kitchen. Two stainless steel shelves are used for neat storage. The hygiene system is complemented by the proven know-how of our company in the form of training and information materials for your staff training.

The enclosed hygiene manual contains detailed information about the products, their mode of action and their correct application. With the Assindia Hygiene System, the restaurateur not only receives an optimally coordinated cleaning set, but also a complete hygiene concept that he can implement immediately.

Advantages at a glance:


Overview and order


Every product has its fixed place


Colors and numbers distinguish products


Likelihood of confusion is excluded

Composition of the hygiene system:


Left hanging shelf (1-4 and 11)

The left shelf contains quick cleaners that are used daily in the kitchen. These products are sprayed on undiluted with the pump sprayer and act directly. The shelf can be placed directly in the place of use, namely the kitchen. This eliminates walking distances, saves time and increases effectiveness.


Products in the middle (8-10)

The products in the middle (8-10) have fixed places of use. Therefore, they are not assigned to any shelf. Deso Manol No.8 is filled into the soap dispenser.

No.9 Deep fryer cleaner comes in a single-serving bag or 5kg container, which there is no room for on the shelf. Dishwashing liquid Ultra Plus No.10 is on the sink directly at the sink.


Right shelf (5-7)

The shelf on the right contains maintenance cleaners in dosing bottles. These products are used in the mop water and processed with mop, floor mop or cleaning cloth. Such products have a changing place of use. By dividing the products into two shelves, the host can decide whether he wants to place the products in different places or together.

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