Pro-Line P 3000 Supra

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Dish Cleaner P 3000 Supra is a mildly alkaline cleaner. It is suitable for all water hardnesses and any wash ware. It works without foam and surfactants, and is gentle on the wash ware. It removes food residues from dishes that have not dried, also tea or coffee deposits. The P 3000 Supra is in powder form and cleans with active chlorine. It is versatile in use.

The dishwasher powder P 3000 Supra is mildly alkaline and gentle to your dishes. It removes fresh food residues, tea and coffee deposits without leaving any residue and is therefore suitable for use in the catering industry. P 3000 Supra also bleaches the dishes with active chlorine. The dishwasher cleaner can be used universally for all water hardnesses and any dishware that has not dried.

The Pro-Line P 3000 Supra is a universal dishwasher. It removes food residues that have not dried and tea or coffee residues from dishes and cutlery in a very short time, without leaving any residue. It contains active chlorine.

Compared to the P 1000 Universal, the P 3000 Supra has a higher effectiveness.

Hotel industry
Private kitchen

Cutlery, also silverware
Aluminum alloys

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Product sizes

Assindia dishwasher Pro-Line P 3000 Supra is available in the following product sizes:

Pro-Line P3000 Supra Eco Pack Carton

10kg Eco Pack
Article No. 51860

Pro-Line P3000 Supra 10kg

10kg bucket
Article No. 51800

Pro-Line P3000 Supra 25kg

25kg hobbock
Article No. 51830


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