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Hand cleaner Citro is a gentle, but at the same time grease-dissolving cleaner. It is ideal for hand cleaning in the kitchen, workshop and work area. The hand cleanser dissolves grease and at the same time protects the skin by nourishing it.
This product is a special hand cleaner for kitchen and food processing. Due to its combination of active ingredients, it is ideal against grease and soiling that occurs in the kitchen area.

The hand cleanser Citro has active grease solvent and thus removes greasy dirt from the skin. At the same time it nourishes the cleansed skin with appropriate substances. Due to its composition, the hand cleaner Citro is suitable for use in the food processing sector. It works powerfully, is kind to the skin and economical to use.
For accurate dosing, the use of a dosing dispenser is recommended. Especially in germ-populated areas, it is not only easier but also more hygienic to use dispensers. Because even with forearm or elbow the dispensers can be operated. The hand cleaner Citro is rubbed between wet hands and then washed off thoroughly with water. Clean and precise filling is possible with the filling tap, which can be placed on the canister.

Hand cleaning
Skin cleansing

For use in:
– food processing sector
– Workshop

Product sizes

Assindia Hand Cleaner Citro is available in the following product sizes:

Hand cleaner Citro 1000ml

1000 ml bottle
Article No. 18410

Hand cleaner Citro 10 liters

10 liter canister
Article No. 18400


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