Grill crust remover

Professional cleaner for grill, roasting plate and oven








The grill and deep fryer in particular are exposed to the toughest loads in commercial kitchens. They are the most important tools in the catering industry and therefore in continuous use every day. With the Grill Crust Remover, Assindia has produced a grill cleaner that removes even stubborn crusts from grills and ovens.

The special combination of active ingredients in Grill crust remover is now even more effective. Grill Crust Remover has full dissolving power because it contains a grease solvent made from biologically derived, naturally renewable raw materials. Grill Crust Remover quickly and effortlessly removes burnt-on grease and frying crusts from grills, ovens, griddles and griddles.
The heated grill is simply sprayed with the pump sprayer. The dissolved dirt is wiped off after only 5 minutes of exposure time. Repeat the process if necessary.

– Barbecue
– Oven
– Ceramic hob
– Stainless steel surfaces
– Fireplace glass

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Note: Do not use the Grill Crust Remover on aluminum.

Product sizes

Assindia Grill Crust Remover Grill Cleaner is available in the following product sizes:

Grill cleaner 500ml
500ml pump sprayer
Article No. 63620
Grill cleaner 5 liters
5 liter canister
Article No. 63650
Grill cleaner 10 liters
10 liter canister
Article No. 63600

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