The Green Descaler is an odorless liquid descaler. It is suitable for fast and gentle descaling of hot water tanks, instantaneous water heaters, bainmaries and coffee machines. The Green Descaler is virtually odorless and cleans gently with little foaming.

Assindia Green Descaler has a very good lime dissolving capacity. It is almost odorless. The Green Descaler is highly efficient and is suitable for professional use as well as for household use.

The Green Descaler is diluted with water and then applied to the surface or container to be cleaned. When lime dissolves, the solution bubbles. Once the solution is saturated, the color of the descaler turns blue. Then the decalcification process must be repeated. Otherwise, rinse with water after descaling. The Green Descaler can also be heated in the cleaning process.
Hot water tank instantaneous water heater bainmarie coffee maker
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Note: For more severe calcification, we recommend the Professional limescale remover.

Product sizes

Assindia Green Descaler is available in the following product sizes:

Green descaler 1000ml

1000ml bottle
Article No. 71310

Green descaler 5 liters

5 liter canister
Article No. 71350

Green descaler 10 liters

10 liter canister
Article No. 71300

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