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Assindia’s Frigo Clean freezer cleaner is one of the newer products. FrigoClean is a ready-to-use cleaner for
freezer rooms and freezer cells down to minus 25° C. The freezer cleaner can therefore be used during operation without having to defrost the rooms and remove goods from storage. The cold chain can thus be maintained without further ado.
Due to its active ingredient composition, it is also suitable as a cleaner that can be applied by single-disc machines. At the same time, the Frigo Clean is particularly low-foaming.

Frigo Clean is an alcohol-free freezer cleaner that can operate without problems in areas down to minus 25 degrees Celsius. This means that it can be used during operation without thawing and removal from storage. The freezer cleaner is a ready-to-use solution that does not require further dilution. This saves time and money. Since the cold chain is not interrupted, the hygiene standard in the freezer area remains constantly high.
Frigo Clean is non-flammable and can therefore, but also due to its low-foaming nature, be used without problems in floor cleaning machines, e.g. in single-disc machines.
Frigo Clean also prevents icing of floor surfaces when used regularly. This reduces the risk of accidents at work due to slipping.
Frigo Clean freezer cleaner is a ready-to-use product. It can be used directly in the cleaning process without dilution. Assindia recommends processing the deep-freeze cleaner, for example, with a single-disc sweeper that cleans with a nylon scrub brush.
In smaller freezers, Frigo Clean is applied without a trace. Then the freezer cleaner can be processed with scrubber or mob of microfiber. Thanks to its combination of active ingredients and when used regularly, Frigo Clean reduces the risk of accidents at work due to slipping, because it efficiently prevents the icing of floor surfaces.

– Freezers
– Deep freezers
– Deep freeze cells
– Freezer
– Floors in the frozen food sector
– Shelving systems in the telecommunications sector

compatible with cleaning machines

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Product sizes

Assindia freezer cleaner Frigo Clean is available in the following product sizes:

Freezer cleaner 1000ml

1000ml bottle
Article No. 31010

Freezer cleaner 5 liters

5 liter canister
Article No. 31050

Freezer cleaner 10 liters

10 liter canister
Article No. 30100

Freezer cleaner 20 liters

20 liters canister
Article No. 31030

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