Equipment cleaning

Professional cleaning products for equipment in the catering and food processing industries.

Cleaning agents for deep fryers, coffee machines and more

Both domestic and commercial kitchens contain numerous appliances that require regular cleaning. Whether it’s a coffee maker, fully automatic coffee machine, cream maker, deep fryer or other appliance: the better the cleaning and care, the longer the life of the appliance. In our wide range of professional cleaning products you will find cleaners designed for gentle and effective cleaning of your kitchen appliances, be it a professional grill and oven cleaner, deep fryer cleaner or cream machine cleaner – at Assindia you will find everything for appliance cleaning.

Grillex crust remover

Grill Crust remover

Grill Crust Remover is a new generation grill and griddle cleaner: the special combination of materials delivers excellent grease dissolving power, because Grill Crust Remover contains a grease solvent made from biologically derived, naturally renewable raw materials. Grill crust remover quickly and effortlessly removes burnt-in grease and frying crusts on grills, ovens, roasting and griddle plates. The heated device is simply sprayed with the pump sprayer and after 5 minutes of exposure time the dissolved dirt is wiped off.


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Stainless steel cleaner
Deep fryer cleaner

Self-cleaning Compact granules for stainless steel commercial fryers
Fryer Cleaner Granules removes dark incrustations on heating rods, wire baskets and basins by briefly boiling them with water. Especially meat and fish with breading quickly cause heavy crusting, which leads to increased energy consumption and gives the fryer an unappetizing appearance. Regular cleaning with fryer cleaner removes the deposits quickly and effortlessly. The result is a sparkling clean, hygienically cleaned fryer with a like-new appearance. The cleaned fryer heats up faster and consumes less energy.


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Stainless steel cleaner
K&S Coffee and Cream Machines Cleaner

K&S Coffee and Cream Machine Cleaner is a highly active quick cleaner for coffee and cream machines. It dissolves resinous residues from coffee machines and grease stains on creamers in no time. Highly concentrated for professional use. Aroma and taste of coffee or cream are not affected by the use of this cleaner.



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