GV-Line from Assindia: Cleaning agents for bulk consumers

Assindia has designed the GV-Line especially for large-scale consumers. These are cleaning agents adapted to the needs of large-scale consumers. For example, in the catering industry, the products of the GV-Line can be used directly to clean large areas hygienically. The cleaning agents of the GV-Line are already diluted and can be used directly without additional effort. All products of the GV-Line are summarized in this overview.

All purpose cleaner GV Line

All-purpose cleaner GV-Line

The all-purpose cleaner GV from Assindia impresses with its low surfactant content. It has a low-foaming effect and leaves streak-free cleanliness with a lasting, pleasant fresh scent. The all-purpose cleaner GV thoroughly and effortlessly cleans floors, windows and frames, plastics and all smooth surfaces.
An ideal “room deodorant” for the catering industry, where you often have to deal with the smell of cold smoke.


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Apple vinegar cleaner GV Line

Apple Vinegar Cleaner GV-Line

The Apple Vinegar Cleaner is exclusively available as a bulk cleaning agent in the Assindia range. The cleaner is suitable for the removal of stubborn lime residues. Especially in the bathroom and sanitary area, the apple vinegar cleaner dissolves lime and urine scale. It can be used for daily maintenance cleaning in the wiping water.


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Disinfectant cleaner GV Line

Disinfectant cleaner GV-Line

The disinfectant cleaner from the GV-Line cleans and disinfects in one step. It is suitable for cleaning all damp washable surfaces. The disinfectant cleaner GV is effective against kitchen-specific germs and bacteria.


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Grease solvent GV Line

Grease solvent GV-Line

Grease cleaner in bulk quality for the commercial kitchen. Reliably removes grease, smoke resin and nicotine. For sparkling cleanliness on stainless steel surfaces, fittings and other surfaces to be degreased in the catering industry. Also suitable for plastic and rubber.


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Tile Cleaner / Sanitary Cleaner GV Line

Tile cleaner and sanitary cleaner GV-Line

The GV-Line tile and sanitary cleaner can be used undiluted. It is suitable for all damp washable surfaces in bathrooms and sanitary areas. The cleaner dissolves limescale and urine scale almost effortlessly and works with low foaming. The tile and sanitary cleaner can be used for daily maintenance care in the wiping water.


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Dish Cleaner Liquid GV Line

Dish Cleaner Liquid GV-Line

The dish cleaner is highly active and, depending on the dosage, is suitable for all water hardnesses. Thanks to its alkaline combination of active ingredients, the GV-Line dishwasher detergent dissolves even coarse soiling effortlessly. It contains active chlorine and is particularly suitable for use in commercial dishwashers, for example in the catering industry.


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Dish Cleaner Powder GV Line

Dish Cleaner Powder GV-Line

In powder form, but just as efficient as the liquid version: the GV dish cleaner from Assindia. Depending on the dosage, the powdered dishwasher cleaner from the GV-Line is also suitable for all water hardnesses. The alkaline combination of active ingredients contained in the cleaner and the active chlorine ensure clean dishes. The use of these highly active GM dish cleaners is particularly recommended in the commercial sector.


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Glass and surfaces cleaner GV Line

Glass cleaner and surface cleaner GV-Line

The GV-Line glass and surface cleaner is particularly suitable for the quick cleaning of glass and all surfaces that can be wiped with a damp cloth. Due to the contained bio-alcohols, the cleaner dries streak-free within a very short time. The glass and surface cleaner is suitable for daily cleaning of glass showcases and windows or mirrors.


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Grill cleaner GV Line

Grill cleaner GV-Line

Grill Cleaner GV-Line is a highly active cleaner for stainless steel appliances. It powerfully cleans grills, combi steamers, baking trays, frying plates, deep fryers or convection ovens – in short, the entire commercial kitchen. The grill cleaner effortlessly dissolves heavily burnt-on encrustations of grease, oil and smoke resin.


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Rinse aid GV Line

Rinse aid GV-Line

The rinse aid GV-Line is a gloss dryer with included lime blocker. It is suitable for all water hardnesses. Especially for glasses and porcelain, the rinse aid GV has a particularly good shine-drying property.


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Neutral cleaner GV Line

Neutral cleaner GV-Line

This product is a neutral cleaner in GM quality. It is suitable for all damp washable surfaces such as floors, windows, frames and general work surfaces. Neutral Cleaner GV can be used in the wiping water for daily maintenance cleaning.


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Rinsing agent GV Line

Rinsing agent GV-Line

GV-Line dishwashing detergent cleans dishes, cutlery, pots and glasses. It can also be used as a neutral cleaner for floors, windows, frames, work surfaces or cars.


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