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Dropshipping – what is it anyway?

Time and time again, you read about a seemingly ever-growing new trend in online retailing called dropshipping. But what exactly is meant by this popular strategy anyway? The dropshipping principle is relatively simple and by no means new, but merely returned to marketing jargon with an English technical term. Dropshipping represents the so-called drop shipment business, which is domiciled in the doctrine of logistics. Dropshipping refers to a special form of distribution policy in which a retailer (typically an online shop owner or Ebay/Amazon seller) stores its goods with a wholesaler and, in the event of a customer order, the goods are shipped directly from the wholesaler to the end customer. In perfect form, the end customer does not even find out that the goods have been shipped by a wholesaler due to corresponding sender labels. Originally, this form of distribution has been used for a long time and is gaining more and more popularity under the newfangled title „dropshipping“, especially among operators of online stores.

The dropshipping model



Advantages of dropshipping:

  • no warehousing costs
  • No pre-financing (zero financial risk!)
  • no annoying dealer search
  • secure commission payment
  • Very low labor input
  • No technical knowledge required
  • existing website can create additional revenue
  • Reliability and delivery reliability due to years of proven experience

How does dropshipping work at Assindia?

Dropshipping at Assindia is quite straightforward. You don’t have to worry about product sourcing, manufacturing, storage, etc., because we do all that for you. You concentrate entirely on marketing your products:

  • You sell products on the sales platform of your choice(e.g. Amazon, eBay, your own online store) and at the prices you set.
  • No minimum order quantity is required. You only really order from us what you really need. But still at dealer conditions.
  • When selling our products on your sales platform, you set the prices.
  • We will take care of the shipping for you.

Minimize your financial risk:

  • You don ‚t need start-up capital, your customer pays you and you pay us.
  • We grant individual dealer discounts on all dropshipping products !
  • You have no warehousing costs as the product is shipped directly from our warehouse to the end customer.


And this is how it works:

You market the products you want to sell and set the price yourself. When you receive an order, you conveniently forward it to us via email or web interface, using our dropshipping agreement to order the goods from us at particularly favorable dealer conditions. After we receive the payment for the goods from you, we will initiate the shipment of the goods to your customer. We will send the invoice to you, since you bought the goods from us. Shipping is very speedy within one business day after payment is received by parcel post.

Dropshipping Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have an online store and would like to expand my range with cleaning products via dropshipping. Is that possible?
Of course! We are happy to provide texts and images for your online store so that you can quickly enter the dropshipping items into your system. Contact us for your individual solution.
Do you provide a CSV file to import the products?
Yes, we provide a CSV file to import all products from our online store for your system. You can download the file here. You will receive the necessary access data as a successfully activated Dropshipper.

You can find the dropshipping application in the download center.

I don't have my own online store, but I do have a website. Can you help with the store?
As part of our product marketing service, we will of course also help you with the technical implementation of your own online store.
I would like to sell Assindia products on Ebay. Do you grant dropshipping here as well?
Of course. Whether through your own website or through a third party provider, you can use our dropshipping service to sell our products. For your Ebay offers, we are happy to provide the appropriate texts, images and templates.
I would like to sell Assindia cleaning products through Amazon. Do you also offer dropshipping here?
We are also very happy to offer dropshipping for Amazon sellers. We provide texts and images for the creation of your offers for this purpose.

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Questions about dropshipping? We are happy to help.