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Dish Cleaner P 5000 Intensive is a highly alkaline intensive dish cleaner that powerfully counteracts dirty dishes. It is suitable for all water hardnesses. Dishwasher P 5000 Intensive is particularly recommended for use under tough washing conditions. These include long dish standing times, dried and caked-on food residues, and coarse soils that are difficult to remove. The P 5000 Intensive can only be used with alkali-resistant wash ware.

The Dish Cleaner Powder P 5000 Intensive is highly active and cleans dishes and cutlery from hard dirt in a highly alkaline way. It is suitable for all water hardness ranges. Especially alkali-resistant wash ware becomes sparkling clean again with the P 5000 Intensive.

The Pro-Line P 5000 Intensive is a universally applicable dishwasher cleaner in powder form. It loves a challenge and removes stubborn food residues that have dried or caked on. It powerfully cleans dishes with long standing times.

Gastronomy with particularly long dishwashing times
Hotel industry with particularly long dishwashing times

Provided alkali-resistant:

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Important: The Pro-Line P 5000 Intensive is only suitable for alkali-resistant wash ware. This includes porcelain with inglaze or underglaze decoration, stainless steel as well as plastic tableware. It is NOT suitable for aluminum, light alloys and anodized.

Product sizes

Assindia Dish Cleaner Pro-Line P 5000 Intensive is available in the following product sizes:

Pro-Line P5000 intensive cleaner 25kg

25kg hobbock
Article No. 51630

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