Dish Pro-Line GT 200 S rinse aid

Acidic rinse aid in professional quality







Rinse aid Sauer Pro-Line GT 200 S

Assindia Pro-Line GT 200 S is a neutral rinse aid. It contains gloss dryer with citric acid and is suitable for all water hardness. For glasses and tableware, the use of the Pro-Line GT 200 S gloss dryer results in excellent and streak-free drying. The cleaner does not contain alcohol and can be ideally used for commercial dishwashing.

The Assindia Pro-Line GT 200 S gloss dryer is suitable for use in all water hardness ranges. It leads to streak-free and shiny drying of glasses and dishes.

Gloss dryer is not a dishwasher detergent, but is added to the dishwashing process exclusively as an additive to the dishwasher detergent.

Hotel industry
Private kitchen


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Product sizes

Assindia Pro-Line GT 200 S rinse aid is available in the following product sizes:

Pro-Line GT 200 S 10 liters

10 liter canister
Article No. 55100


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