Dish cleaner liquid GV Line

Liquid dishwasher cleaner for large consumers








Assindia’s GV-Line liquid dish cleaner is a highly active cleaner suitable for all water hardnesses. It contains active chlorine and is suitable for use in commercial dishwashers.


Dish cleaner liquid is a highly active dish cleaner in bulk quality. Due to its alkaline combination of active ingredients, the cleaner also dissolves coarse soiling from the wash ware. Depending on the dosage, the liquid dishwasher is suitable for all water hardnesses.
In combination with liquid dishwasher, the use of rinse aid is recommended.
The exact dosage depends on the hardness of the water and can be taken from the product label.



Hotel industry
Private kitchen


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Product sizes

Assindia Dish Cleaner liquid from the GV-Line is available in the following product sizes:

Dish cleaner 12kg

12kg canister

Article No. 56900

Dish cleaner 25kg

25kg canister

Article No. 56930

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