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The „Land in the Heart of Europe“ turns out to be one of the smallest states in Germany in terms of area: it covers 2570 square kilometers. Saarland stands out as a multicultural speciality due to its direct proximity to its French neighbors. It is the southwesternmost state and also the warmest region in Germany. With less than one million inhabitants, it counts as a multicultural phenomenon. It is the only state in Germany where French is taught compulsorily in high schools.

Forests and agriculture meet modern industry in the Saarland. The country is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Völklingen blast furnace. Besides, it stands out as a breeding area for Icelandic ponies – only in Iceland this breeding is bigger. Economically, the country is characterized by hospitality. In addition to the automotive industry with all its suppliers, the chemical industry plays a rather small role in Saarland.

Nevertheless, it is also significant in Saarland to pay attention to outsourcing. Not all companies have the capacity or resources to carry out processes independently. In this case, external service providers such as the traditional company Assindia, are in demand. Here companies in Saarland get a competent partner for logistics, dropshipping, contract manufacturing, contract blending and contract filling in the field of cleaning chemicals.

Chemical contract manufacturing for Saarland: Assindia helps you maintain your success

Assindia has existed as a cleaning products manufacturer for over 60 years. The tradition-steeped company for cleaning and care products originates from Essen in North Rhine-Westphalia and today convinces with many years of knowledge in online sales. As a contract manufacturer, the Assindia team offers you a trustworthy basis: delivery reliability and the highest quality of service ensure satisfied customers in Saarland.

At Assindia, we meet your specifications as a contract manufacturer. We take care of the production, mixing and filling of cleaning chemicals. Detergents and dish cleaners are the classic cleaning products we offer you in contract manufacturing. Bulk goods and standard products for the Saarland are also available from us in special or small containers, if required.

As a contract manufacturer, we offer you a high degree of flexibility in Saarland. At our company, customer orientation is strongly pronounced and is part of the company’s philosophy. Your satisfaction is our top priority. In Saarland, you benefit from the elimination of labor costs and from lower fixed costs. You do not need additional machines, but rely on us. We deliver high quality results and fast turnaround times as a competent contract manufacturer and cleaning agent manufacturer. With Assindia at your side, you inevitably increase your own service bandwidth for the Saarland.

Assindia’s contract manufacturing for the Saarland region includes label service. You can get labels for your products under your own name from us. In this case, the Private Label Service is the practical offer for you and Saarland. In addition, you have the option to customize the packaging design. This enables us to offer you a comprehensive range of services for all cleaning chemistry products.

Contract filling service in Saarland: the Assindia service offer

Our distinctive range of services includes contract filling in addition to contract manufacturing. As a bottler, you benefit from Assindia’s wealth of knowledge gained over many years. A high level of professionalism, expertise and customer orientation distinguishes us. In the contract filling sector for the Saarland, we always comply with your wishes and specifications.

When it comes to filling cleaning agents, Assindia helps you with proven know-how. With the filling of granulates, powders and slightly viscous substances, you get a contract filler at your side that ultimately enriches your own service offering.

Small quantities or large quantities can be filled effortlessly with us as your partner. The individual service makes it possible. Delivery reliability and individuality are important to us. As a contract filler, we offer you optimal conditions for your desired product in the field of cleaning chemicals.

Contract blending in Saarland: cleaning chemicals from professionals

For us, wage blending is an integral part of our daily work. In addition to manufacturing and filling, we offer a further service in the form of contract blending. The mixing of chemical products in the field of cleaning and care products includes all classic cleaning products. From detergents to all-purpose cleaners and disinfectants, almost everything is included. We mix your desired product competently and reliably.

Our orientation to the customer does not stop at contract blending: We offer you a recipe service for mixing the products. You either provide us with your own recipe, which we use to mix the product, or you use our service offer. In this way, you benefit in every respect and arrive at the right product for Saarland with us.

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