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Rhineland-Palatinate is one of the most rural regions in the Federal Republic of Germany. Wine and cultural treasures attract new tourists to the country every year. With over four million inhabitants, it is a country with room to live. An area of 19854 square kilometers has distinguished the state as one of the most densely forested in Germany since its founding in 1946. In total, 42 percent of the country’s land area consists of forests and natural landscapes. In addition, tourism and industry, along with a strong middle class, play a major role for the state with the lowest unemployment rate.

Rhineland-Palatinate offers a variety of castles and palaces. Only a few of them have not been destroyed in the course of history. The country boasts four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In addition, with festivities such as the Rhineland-Palatinate Day or Rock am Ring and Rhine in Flames, it offers several attractions that are good for the economy. Rhineland-Palatinate boasts the world’s first permanent car racing circuit and one of Europe’s largest broadcasting stations. In addition, the industrial share of economic output is higher than the national average. In particular, the export products wine and sparkling wine put the state among the leaders in Germany in terms of export quota.

Rhineland-Palatinate is home to one of the most important inland ports in Germany as well as the largest truck plant in the world. A strong chemical sector is also ensuring economic advancement in the country. The state is predominantly rural. This gives the topic of outsourcing an important significance for companies. The outsourcing of processes to external service providers is noteworthy in the area of chemicals and cleaning agents.

Cleaning products manufacturers like Assindia support regional companies in Rhineland-Palatinate. In addition to dropshipping , logistics, contract filling, contract manufacturing and contract blending in particular are important cornerstones for successful outsourcing. The basis of today’s success is the foundation of Assindia over 60 years ago in Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia. Companies in Rhineland-Palatinate benefit from the concentrated knowledge and proven know-how of the cleaning agent manufacturer.

Chemical contract manufacturing for Rhineland-Palatinate: Assindia as a strong partner for the region

Assindia helps you make the most of the resources you have. In the meantime, the traditional company has been active in online sales for more than twelve years. Assindia is thus your competent partner for mixing, manufacturing and filling in the field of cleaning chemicals. As a contract filler and contract manufacturer, we offer you a high quality of service coupled with extensive benefits for you.

We mix powders as well as liquids for you reliably and competently according to your wishes and specifications. You benefit from high flexibility and lower fixed costs. We convince you with our delivery reliability and high quality in contract manufacturing. You can get detergents, bulk materials and cleaning chemicals from us as a detergent manufacturer.

For you, production by Assindia eliminates labor costs, high fixed costs or extra required spatial and technical capacities. As a contract manufacturer for Rhineland-Palatinate, you receive high-quality chemicals – also decanted into special or small containers. We offer additional labeling service and custom design of packaging.

Contract Filling Service in Rhineland-Palatinate: Successfully Outsourcing Processes with Assindia

At Assindia, contract bottling goes hand in hand with a high level of professionalism. We take into account exactly your specifications and enrich you in the implementation of mixing, manufacturing and filling of various cleaning chemicals.

As a bottler for Rhineland-Palatinate, we are happy to assist you. At Assindia, we competently fill granulates, liquids, slightly viscous materials as well as powders. The Rhineland-Palatinate region benefits from the high quality of the products. In addition, Assindia is characterized by enormous flexibility: From small quantities to large quantities, we fulfill your orders. In the process, you will receive from us in the contract filling for Rhineland-Palatinate bottles from 500 milliliters volume. Likewise, canisters and 1000 liter IBC tanks are practical.

Furthermore, filling into buckets, cans, bags and sacks can be implemented effortlessly. A modern machine park supports us in realizing your ideas. For us, bottling is associated with a high level of customer orientation. With us as a contract filler for Rhineland-Palatinate, you benefit from individual service, high quality and delivery reliability in the chemicals and cleaning agents sector.

Contract blending in Rhineland-Palatinate: cleaning chemicals from Assindia

Contract blending is an important base for Assindia, along with contract bottling and contract manufacturing. With us you get cleaning chemicals according to your own recipe. But even if no individual recipe exists, we will support you. For this purpose, we offer a special service for recipes. In this way, we mix you exactly the product you need.

We mix classic cleaning agents for Rhineland-Palatinate just as readily as fertilizers or bulk materials. In doing so, we are guided by your wishes. All-purpose cleaners, detergents, pool cleaners or glass and barbecue cleaners are natural parts of our daily work.

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