Detergent manufacturer for Karlsruhe: Assindia Chemie

Karlsruhe is a city whose foundation was one of the last in Europe to be created on the drawing board. In 2009, Karlsruhe took sixth place in the ranking of the most successful large cities in Germany. With approximately 300,000 inhabitants, it is a solid large city and also one of the warmest cities in the country. In Karlsruhe, there are a total of eight nature reserves covering an area of around 173 square kilometers. The „Internet Capital of Germany“ was awarded the title „Place of Diversity“ by the German government and impresses with its strong economic power. The industry in Karlsruhe mainly includes communications and information technology. In these areas, the city is one of the most important locations in Europe. Germany’s largest drugstore group has its headquarters in Karlsruhe. The chemical industry benefits just as much from Karlsruhe’s economic importance as IT and communications technology.

As a business location, Karlsruhe is an important place within Europe. Thus, the topic of outsourcing is also assigned a significant role. Outsourcing processes in the chemical sector is important to save capacity and finances. As a result, companies in Karlsruhe benefit from a strong partnership with an external service provider like Assindia. The traditional company from Essen has a company history that spans more than half a century. The success from twelve years of experience in online sales reveals Assindia as a modern contact for cleaning chemicals. Assindia competently handles dropshipping, logistics, contract blending, filling and manufacturing with a high delivery reliability.

Chemical contract manufacturing for Karlsruhe: Outsourcing works with Assindia

Companies in Karlsruhe benefit from the concentrated know-how. Assindia has acquired a wide range of knowledge over the course of its existence as a cleaning products manufacturer. For Assindia, the focus in contract manufacturing is on orientation to the wishes and specifications of the customer. In addition to a distinctive delivery reliability and high quality, this is for us, the team of Assindia, an important part of our daily practice as a contract manufacturer.
Especially with regard to customer orientation, the customer’s specifications are essential for us. You decide on the quantities to be produced. The form of the cleaning products can also be flexibly determined. We manufacture both liquid cleaning chemicals and viscous products for the chemical industry in Karlsruhe. In addition, the transfer of bulk materials into special or small containers is another aspect of our work.
For our customers, this results in important competitive advantages for their respective locations. By working with Assindia in its role as a contract manufacturer, you will benefit from cost savings and the conservation of your spatial as well as technical capacities. There is no need for you to provide expensive machinery or hire additional labor. Assindia supports you in every respect as an external service provider.

As another special service, we offer an in-house labeling service. This will provide you with the products for Karlsruhe with labels on which your own name is written. Under the name Private Label Service, we additionally offer you a completely customizable design of the respective packaging. As a cleaning agent manufacturer, we process your order quickly and reliably.

Contract filling service in Karlsruhe: Trust in Assindia’s know-how

Assindia can also work for you as a contract filler. For the Karlsruhe business location, we act as an external service provider of contract filling competently and with consistently high quality. By working with us, you benefit from our many years of knowledge on the one hand, while optimizing the scope of your own services on the other. Assindia confidently takes care of filling powders, granules, liquids as well as slightly viscous materials. Our machine park supports us in this. This is equipped with modern facilities. In this way, small quantities as well as large quantities can be realized at Assindia. Our customers additionally have the choice about the containers for filling the cleaning agents. We offer bottles from 500 milliliters volume, canisters and large IBC tanks, which can hold up to 1000 liters.

In addition, there is an option to fill the products into cans, buckets, bags or pouches. With Assindia, you benefit in Karlsruhe from a knowledgeable partner who works competently, to a high quality and quickly with outstanding delivery reliability.

Contract blending in Karlsruhe: high-quality results with Assindia

Assindia comes into question as a cleaning agent manufacturer in contract manufacturing and contract filling. In addition, we offer our customers the service of contract blending for Karlsruhe. In addition, we provide an in-house prescription service as needed. This is a competent support and advice for you to have the cleaning agents mixed in the best possible way. Without a recipe of your own, Assindia can provide you with valuable assistance in this way to realize your desired product. There is already an own recipe? Then we mix the cleaning chemistry for you precisely and with high quality according to your specifications and wishes.

Especially in contract blending, you benefit from the wide range of our services. We offer all-purpose cleaners, household cleaners, fertilizers, maintenance cleaners, detergents, dish cleaners, glass and barbecue cleaners as well as disinfectants, pool cleaners, bulk products, liquids and powders according to your individual specifications.


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