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The westernmost German city, Aachen borders the Netherlands and Belgium. About 243300 inhabitants live on an area of about 160,85 square kilometers. In Aachen, the famous Aachen Cathedral, together with the Cathedral Treasury, counts as a cultural monument and these two parts of the UNESCO World Heritage List rank second in the world. Aachen is a city whose history can be traced back to the Neolithic Age. This is accompanied by numerous cultural treasures and sights. Traditions are an integral part of Aachen’s history. Aachener Printen, confectionery industry, the oldest railroad tunnel still in use in Germany and the first German discotheque are located in the big city. In addition, the University Hospital in Aachen is the largest contiguous building of a hospital in Europe. In addition, the annual Christmas market shines as one of the three largest and most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany.

For business, such features have great potential. As a center for mechanical engineering and automation, Aachen is a special city. In addition, the chemical industry is a valuable factor for the future. Outsourcing, the outsourcing of processes, is an important topic, especially in the chemical sector. The external service provider Assindia supports Aachen-based companies competently and at fair conditions. Detergent manufacturer Assindia has been in existence since 1957 and handles contract manufacturing, contract blending and contract filling. In addition, the Assindia team takes care of logistics and modern dropshipping. Assindia provides companies in Aachen with a competent, reliable and high-quality partner for the region.

Chemical contract manufacturing for Aachen: Modern outsourcing at Assindia

Customers appreciate our knowledge gained over many years as a cleaning agent manufacturer. This enables us to act as a competent and customer-oriented contract manufacturer for Aachen. As an external service provider for companies, we take over the packaging, production, filling and mixing of chemical cleaning agents. Companies benefit from our distinctive delivery reliability, which is an important cornerstone of our daily work in contract manufacturing. In addition, we are characterized by a customer-oriented practice and high quality. Our customers determine the quantities to be produced and specify the shape of the cleaning agents. We effortlessly produce liquid substances as well as viscous materials and, if required, also take over the decanting into small or special containers.

As a customer-oriented manufacturer of cleaning agents, we pay increased attention to your individual wishes. You give us the key data for contract manufacturing and we take care of it – uncomplicated and at fair conditions. In this way, our customers save both capacity and costs. Additional labor costs are eliminated, as are other fixed costs or the provision of expensive machinery and premises. With Assindia, you get high-quality cleaning chemicals for Aachen from a single source. Our label service rounds off our range of services in contract manufacturing. In doing so, you will receive the products under your own name. With Assindia’s private label service, you also benefit from a customizable packaging design.

Contract filling service in Aachen: Customer orientation meets competence at Assindia

As a contract filler in the cleaning chemicals sector, Assindia enables you to find a competent partner for your own services in Aachen. Working with Assindia allows you to optimize the bandwidth of your services. This will strengthen your position in the market and keep you economically strong. From powders and granules to liquids and slightly viscous materials, Assindia can handle contract filling for you with high quality and a fast turnaround time. The machinery at Assindia has modern technology, so we fill both small quantities and large quantities.

This is where our customer orientation comes into play: you determine the containers in which we fill the cleaning agents. We offer up to 1000 liter IBC tanks, canisters, and from 500 milliliters bottles for filling. In addition, there are bags, cans, sacks and buckets into which we fill your desired cleaners as needed.

Contract blending in Aachen: Flexible service with Assindia

With our formulation service you are on the safe side: We will be happy to advise you on the possible composition of ingredients in your desired cleaning agents. We also support you if you have your own recipe. We will take care of mixing your desired cleaner according to your specifications.

All-purpose cleaners and household cleaners, maintenance cleaners and detergents, dish and glass cleaners are available from Assindia professionally and with a high delivery reliability. Besides, you can get high quality barbecue cleaner, pool cleaner, disinfectant, fertilizer, liquid, bulk and powder from us in the contract blending. Assindia is the ideal partner for contract blending, contract manufacturing and contract filling in the city of Aachen. Quality, competence, experience as well as fast and reliable processing of your orders await you at the cleaning agent manufacturer Assindia.


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