DesoGreen Green Fouling Remover

  • reliable for the removal of algae, moss and green coatings
  • 20-fold dilutable high concentrate
  • removes green coatings from wooden terraces and garden furniture
  • Moss infestation on stones is effectively removed
  • makes greenish fountain water clear again





DesoGreen from Assindia is a green film remover for outdoor and garden use. It effectively fights algae and moss. Due to its high concentration of active ingredients, it is also suitable for the effortless removal of green deposits and similar soiling from glass, plastic furniture, conservatories, painted surfaces and concrete inside closed rooms.

DesoGreen is a green film remover. It can be used on all surfaces in the home and garden. The cleaning concentrate is highly active and is only used diluted.
DesoGreen Green Fouling Remover is dosed according to the dosing instructions on the product packaging. The green film remover is a concentrate.

Outdoor and garden area

Floor surfaces:
Stone slabs
Wooden terraces
Paving stones

other, smooth surfaces:
Plastic furniture
Winter gardens
painted surfaces

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Product sizes

Assindia DesoGreen Green Fouling Remover is available in the following product sizes:

DesoGreen 1000ml

1000ml bottle item
No. 75610

DesoGreen green film remover 5 liters

5 liter canister Article
No. 75650


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