Deep fryer cleaner


The fryer cleaner granulate removes the strongest incrustations and frying residues on wire baskets, heating rods or basins. Even simple boiling is enough to give full power to the cleaning process. The fryer cleaner is suitable for commercial, but also residential use, if the equipment is powered by electricity or gas. Panades of fish and meat in particular leave unsightly residues in the fryers. Failure to remove them can result in lower fryer performance in the long run. The fryer cleaner thus ensures longer functionality of the equipment. The cleaner almost finances itself due to the high energy savings during frying.

The fryer cleaner is in powder form. The granules are highly active and enable effortless and fast cleaning of stainless steel commercial fryers. The fryer cleaner removes incrustations on heating rods, fryer basins and baskets without much manual effort. Just boiling with water is enough.
With the use of the fryer cleaner, gone are the days of trying to loosen the encrustations on fryers with sharp objects such as knives or forks.
The fat is drained from the fryer. The device is filled with water and heated to 90 degrees. Then add the fryer cleaner to the hot water according to the dosage instructions. The solution must boil for about 15 minutes to develop its full effect. Then drain the solution and rinse with drinking water.
In extreme cases, it is recommended to extend the exposure time, even with the unit switched off, overnight.
It is important that the fryer cleaner is added to the hot water first. In cold water, the granules clump together and the effectiveness is reduced.

– Deep fryer
– Heaters
– Fryer basin
– Frying baskets

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Note: The fryer cleaner must not be used in household aluminum fryers. The aluminum is attacked by the cleaner. We recommend the use for stainless steel fryers.

Product sizes

Assindia fryer cleaner is available in the following product sizes:

Fryer cleaner 1000ml

1000ml bottle
Article No. 50210

Deep fryer cleaner 5 liters

5 kg bucket
Article No. 50250

Deep fryer cleaner carton

20 x 150 g portion pack
Article No. 50290

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