Coronavirus disinfectant and disinfectant cleaner

Disinfectant and hand sanitizer against coronavirus and many more.

Coronavirus disinfectant and disinfectant cleaner

Since the coronavirus has also reached Germany, precautions with functioning disinfectants and disinfectant cleaners are indispensable. Not only in the care in the hospital or other health areas, but also in the private household are indispensable in times of Corona, in addition to frequent hand washing such disinfectants. The Assindia range includes reliably effective hand disinfection against coronavirus as well as

Disinfectant against coronavirus sold out in many places

Due to extreme demand for disinfectants and hand sanitizers against coronavirus, store shelves are often empty. Assindia has ensured sufficient replenishment. At present, post-production is running at full speed, as the procurement of raw materials for Corona disinfection is becoming increasingly difficult. Thus, although there are slight delays from time to time, ALL orders for disinfectants can be secured from Assindia. We therefore recommend to order as soon as possible via the online store the

Hand disinfection

Hand disinfection against coronavirus: Deso HD

Deso HD is the reliable hand disinfection against bacteria and viruses and is proven effective against coronavirus. Spread the product in the hands for 30 seconds. Then lather briefly with water and rinse off. The product is the No.1 Bestsellers in industrial disinfectants at Amazon Germany!

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Spray disinfection against cornavirus: Deso Fekt Express

DesoFekt Express acts reliably against the coronavirus within 60 seconds.
With Deso Fekt, Assindia offers a spray disinfection with a 60-second effect for areas with special hygiene requirements such as commercial kitchens, tanning salons, saunas, customer and guest toilets. DesoFekt offers reliable protection at work, at home and can be taken anywhere in the practical pump sprayer.

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Deso LBM disinfectant cleaner

Deso LBM disinfectant cleaner against coronavirus

Expert tested and certified for DGHM listing! Deso LBM powerfully cleans and disinfects all wet washable surfaces and safely protects you and your family against the Corona Virus. At a dosage of only 1% (standard dosage), Deso LBM is effective against all kitchen-specific bacteria such as salmonella, staphylococci, E. coli as well as HIV and HBV viruses, fungi and yeasts. Deso LBM meets all the requirements for regular disinfection cleaning and is ideally suited as a supplement to prevent coronavirus. Simply use the cleaner as an alternative to a conventional cleaner to protect against corona.


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Coronavirus – Important dates and facts

Coronaviruses, which go by the name 2019-nCoV, are enveloped viruses. In order to combat these effectively, disinfectants must be used which have limited virucidal activity. Therefore, hand disinfectants or disinfectant cleansers against coronaviruses contain a fixed concentration of the active ingredient, since too high an alcohol concentration would only dry out the virus but not destroy it completely. The World Health Organization (WHO) classified the Jan. 30, 2020, coronavirus outbreak in China as a „public health emergency of international concern“ (PHEIC). Further information on disinfection in the case of viruses can be found in the corresponding statement of the Virucidal Working Group at the RKI.

Coronavirus disinfectant and the correct behavior

Disinfectants against coronaviruses are, of course, only one side of the coin when it comes to preventing infection. The right behavior in everyday life can already make a very big contribution to avoiding infection. For example, currently trained gestures of politeness such as handshakes, hugs or cheek kisses should be avoided. When sneezing, always sneeze into the crook of your arm and wash your hands thoroughly after using public transportation. When washing hands, for example, it is recommended to use a disinfectant hand cleanser. When washing your hands, be sure to min. Soap hands properly for 30 seconds, remove rings and jewelry beforehand. The temperature of the water has no influence on the result. Important: Always wash up to the wrists and use disposable paper towels.

According to the federal health department, the risk of coronavirus is classified as „moderate.“ According to the study, the risk has increased in absolute terms, but the „danger for the individual is still not great,“ said Prof. Drosten of Charité, explaining the situation. Nevertheless, the German government is taking the coronavirus outbreak in Germany very seriously. N its second meeting, the crisis team of the Federal Ministry of Health and Federal Ministry of the Interior took further decisions on health security against further spread of the coronavirus. This includes, in particular, measures in cross-border traffic to Germany on all transport routes and procedures for the risk assessment of major events. Again, unless absolutely necessary, avoid large events at this time where many people congregate in a small space.