Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing for cleaning agents, powders and liquids

Do you want to outsource parts of the production or do you not have the technical or spatial resources to manufacture a certain product? Assindia can take care of this problem for you with its contract manufacturing service. For generations, Assindia has provided contract manufacturing, contract blending and contract packaging services from single products to entire product lines. Assindia specializes in mixing and filling powder products, liquids, slightly viscous materials, and bulk materials of all kinds. We manufacture according to specified formulations or are completely at your disposal with our own formulation service. Rely on Assindia’s proven contract manufacturing for cleaning agents, care products, powders and bulk materials: on schedule, cost-oriented and just-in-time.

Our storage and logistics service completes our contract manufacturing service: Neither do you have to keep valuable storage space on hand, nor do you have to worry about the safe and secure storage of the products or the logistics. We will take care of that for you. Upon request and call, we can always send your goods to any delivery location or make them available for you to pick up.

Contract manufacturing – advantages for your company

Contract manufacturing (also called third-party manufacturing) offers your company the possibility to have products or habfertigprodukte manufactured by us as a contract manufacturer. When placing the order, you as the customer describe exactly which specifications must be met and what we as a contract manufacturer have to pay attention to. At the agreed time, the corresponding product will be delivered to you or directly to your end.


When does contract manufacturing make sense?

There are many potential reasons for third-party manufacturing. If a company has exhausted its existing production capacities, bottlenecks can quickly arise. In this case, contract manufacturing can provide quick compensation and ensure that you don’t have to turn down lucrative orders. In addition, it may also make sense for cost reasons to outsource your own production and commission a contract manufacturer with it. This can be the case, for example, if you receive an order for which the corresponding machines or specific manufacturing know-how is not available. If the situation arises that a certain manufacturing process does not exist in-house or is not possible due to legal regulations, third-party manufacturing is also an interesting solution.


Advantages of contract manufacturing at a glance:


Flexibility (customer determines the production quantity)


fast order processing


lower / calculable labor costs


Avoidance of capacity bottlenecks


Non-operating manufacturing processes possible


Enlargement of the own service bandwidth


hardly any fixed costs due to own machine supply


Elimination of time-consuming supplier search

Test our service now with a production inquiry!

Convince yourself of our uncomplicated contract manufacturing service and submit a manufacturing inquiry. You will be surprised how little effort is required.
On the desired delivery date, you can look forward to a high-quality end product that fully meets your expectations. Try it out and request a sample without obligation – it’s worth it!

Nobody can do everything – that’s a truism!

In order to be able to offer the largest possible service portfolio, we rely on strong partners. Our partner Dr. Rauwald Reinigungssysteme has specialized in the following areas, which we cannot offer in-house:
Surfactant-free cleaners for carpet cleaning, ceiling and wall cleaning, and tile floor cleaning known under the brand name OnseStep. Dr. Rauwald also offers melamine pads, which are marketed under the name Combo Pad.

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Questions about contract manufacturing? We are happy to help.