Warehouse service

Warehouse service

We take care of the optimal storage of your raw materials, semi-finished products or finished products that have come into our care as part of our private label service or contract manufacturing. This way you save your space and don’t have to worry about logistics. Rely on delivery on demand: simple, safe and just-in-time.

Our storage service conserves your resources. You don’t have to keep valuable storage space on hand, nor do you have to worry about keeping products safe and secure or about logistics. We will take care of that for you. Upon request and call, we can always send your goods to any delivery location or make them available for you to pick up.

Our services also include the disposal of old stock and the possibility of storage. Our heated indoor storage facility offers you the opportunity to store your products safely and at a low price until pickup or as part of a dropshipping agreement, so they can be shipped quickly when needed.


Advantages of our warehouse service at a glance:

Saved heating and storage costs

Use of our logistics

Adjustment of your fixed costs

Utilization optimization

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