Wage mix

Contract mixing for cleaning agents, powders and liquids


Contract blending is a subcategory of traditional contract manufacturing from the Assindia Service Program. The Assindia team has specialized in many areas of contract manufacturing for generations and is characterized by a high degree of flexibility, reliability and versatile commitment.

The decision to outsource processes such as mixing products and pass them on to external companies can often be explained by bottlenecks of various kinds. Increasingly, however, it is primarily economic motives that lead to the decision in favor of an external service provider such as Assindia.

By incorporating external contract manufacturing services, including those from contract blending, companies can avoid bottlenecks and thus optimize the cost-benefit calculation in their favor. Assindia can be your experienced partner in outsourcing production processes. On time, quality sorted and reliable.

As a contract manufacturer and contract mixer, we distinguish ourselves through our know-how and the technical possibilities of our company by the fact that we can, above all, carry out various work processes more cost-effectively than other manufacturers and pass this cost saving on to our customers as added value.

This means that you do not have to purchase expensive machines for special orders, nor do you have to maintain the necessary personnel or even organize training. We, on the other hand, as a contract manufacturer and contract mixer, specialize in the execution of industrial activities and, in addition to the official permit, also have the appropriate machinery, which can efficiently and cost-effectively realize your wishes. Our final quality control always ensures the highest level of reliability and product quality.


Contract blending – The advantages for you as a customer


The advantages for contract blending clients are obvious: by outsourcing the contract blending production area to Assindia, missing competencies, capacities, costs and time problems are easily solved from a single source.

Are you also thinking about outsourcing parts of your production or do you not have the technical or spatial resources to manufacture a certain product? Assindia can take care of this problem for you with its contract manufacturing service. For generations, Assindia has provided contract manufacturing, contract blending and contract packaging services from single products to entire product lines. Assindia specializes in mixing and filling powder products, liquids, slightly viscous materials, and bulk materials of all kinds. We manufacture according to specified formulations or are completely at your disposal with our own formulation service. Rely on Assindia’s proven contract manufacturing for cleaning agents, care products, powders and bulk materials and start your inquiry right away.



Flexibility (customer determines the production quantity)


fast order processing


lower / calculable labor costs


Avoidance of capacity bottlenecks


Non-operating manufacturing processes possible


Enlargement of the own service bandwidth


hardly any fixed costs due to own machine supply


Elimination of time-consuming supplier search

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