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Commercial coffee machines are the heart of modern catering. They are valuable capital goods that need to be well cared for so that they can do their job for many years. Coffee and cream machine cleaner K & S is a highly active quick cleaner for coffee and cream machines. It dissolves resinous residues and grease stains in a very short time and does not attack the equipment in the process. Its high concentration of active ingredients makes it ideal for professional use. Aroma and taste of coffee and cream products are not affected by the cleaner.

The coffee and cream machine cleaner degreases cream machines and dissolves resinous residues in coffee machines. It cleans valves and hoses and is gentle on rubber and plastic. The coffee and cream machines can also be spruced up again from the outside with the cleaner.
Containers and fittings of coffee and cream machines are soaked in the warm and diluted K & S solution. After a few minutes, rinse each of the containers and fittings with water. Specific dosing instructions for coffee and cream machines can be found on the product labels.
Important: The coffee and cream machine cleaner removes only greasy and resinous residues in the equipment. The product is not responsible for the descaling and disinfection of the equipment.

– Coffee machines
– Espresso machines
– Coffee machines
– Coffee pod machines
– Capsule machines
– Coffee pots
– Teapots
– Creamers
– Milk frother
– Milk lines

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Note: We recommend Green Descaler for descaling. Deso LBM is suitable for disinfection.

Product sizes

Assindia coffee and cream machine cleaner is available in the following product sizes:

Coffee and cream machine cleaner 1000ml

1000 ml bottle
Article No. 64510

Coffee and cream machine cleaner 10 liters

10 liter canister
Article No. 64500

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