Cleaning agent manufacturer for Mannheim: Assindia Chemie

Mannheim is an important industrial and commercial city. With a population of around 300,000 and an area of approximately 145 square kilometers, Mannheim is the third largest city in Baden-Württemberg. It is the home of significant inventions such as Carl Benz’s first automobile. Goethe and Schiller as well as Lessing were here. Mannheim is of supra-regional importance in the area of theaters and museums. The city is home to the oldest municipal theater in the world. Sons of Mannheim, ice hockey and the chemical industry are a few of the city’s outstanding aspects.
In Mannheim, the Baroque palace and the palace garden, the second largest park in the city, attract visitors. The economy in Mannheim is dominated by the electrical and mechanical engineering industries. In addition, the chemical industry is another essential part of the metropolis. The world’s largest chemical company has its home in Mannheim. Outsourcing is an important topic for Mannheim’s economy and future success.

Outsourcing processes saves costs and capacities in companies. For Mannheim, an external service provider like Assindia represents a profitable prospect. The traditionally based company supports businesses in Mannheim by taking care of logistics, dropshipping, contract manufacturing, contract blending and contract filling. Assindia has been in existence for over half a century. The company has been successful as a cleaning agent manufacturer since 1957. The many years of knowledge in the field of cleaning chemicals are an advantage for Mannheim-based companies. With Assindia, these companies receive competence, service, high quality and delivery reliability from a single source.

Chemical contract manufacturing for Mannheim: Highest quality standards at Assindia

Many years of experience and success in online sales distinguish Assindia, along with a strong customer focus and delivery reliability. The company, which is steeped in tradition, undertakes the manufacture, mixing, filling and packaging of cleaning chemicals in contract manufacturing for Mannheim. At the same time, the Assindia team works to the highest standards of quality.
The outstanding orientation towards the wishes of our customers is an important cornerstone for our work as a cleaning agent manufacturer. For this reason, you as the customer determine the quantities to be produced. In addition, you have the choice: we manufacture both liquid and viscous cleaning agents for Mannheim. As a contract manufacturer, Assindia also handles decanting into special or small containers as required.

Customers are our top priority. This results in numerous advantages for Mannheim-based chemical companies: You save on labor costs as well as fixed costs. Because with Assindia as a contract manufacturer, mixing, filling, manufacturing and packaging are all carried out at fair conditions. You do not need additional labor or machinery. This saves your company’s capacities – in terms of space, technology and finances. Another option for companies is the label service. Thereby you receive the products under your own name, if you wish so. Under our private label service, you will get a customizable packaging design. This will keep you economically strong in the market.

Contract Filling Service in Mannheim: Tradition and Modernity from Assindia

In contract filling, improve your own service bandwidth by working with Assindia. The detergent manufacturer offers light viscous materials, liquids, granules and powders for filling. Assindia is supported by the company’s own machinery. This is equipped with modern equipment, so that filling for small quantities and large quantities is equally effortless. Once again, our customers have a choice: filling takes place either in IBC tanks containing up to 1000 liters, canisters or bottles with a capacity of 500 milliliters or more.

In addition, Assindia contract filler can fill the cleaning chemicals into bags, pouches, cans or buckets. We work quickly and reliably. The high quality of our products is another integral part of our work.

Contract blending in Mannheim: The special extra in Assindia service

Besides filling and manufacturing of cleaning agents, we also offer mixing of cleaning chemicals. Assindia’s customer orientation is also an important factor in this area: our formulation service makes it easier for you to put together the ideal formulation for the chemicals. We advise and support you as an experienced partner. Do you have your own recipe? Then we mix the products according to your specifications and requirements.
Our service offer includes standard cleaning chemistry products as well as more specialized products. We mix all-purpose cleaners, household cleaners, maintenance cleaners, detergents and barbecue, glass and dish cleaners for you at fair conditions. The same applies to mixing pool cleaners, fertilizers, agents for disinfection, bulk materials and powders, and liquids. We support you as an external service provider for contract manufacturing, contract filling and contract blending – quickly, competently and individually tailored.


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