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Conventional cleaners can often only remove superficial dirt. Chlorine Hygiene Cleaner, on the other hand, achieves a pore-deep and disinfi cating cleaning result after only a short exposure time. Chlorine Hygiene Cleaner works completely automatically! Odors, discolorations, dirt and bacteria are dissolved and removed. Chlorine Hygiene Cleaner also works where other cleaners give up. Chlorine Hygiene Cleaner is the ideal cleaner for laundry, household, leisure and garden, which removes 99.9% of all bacteria.

Chlorine Hygiene Cleaner is a hygienic cleaner for many household and commercial applications. It combines high cleaning power with the bleaching and disinfi cating effect of active chlorine. Chlorine Hygiene Cleaner brings deep pore cleanliness and deep hygiene to any area.


Do not use for aluminum. When working with high concentrations over a long period of time, we recommend the use of protective gloves. When used in small rooms (e.g. bathroom), ventilate well. Do not use in combination with other products! Chlorine gases may be generated in the process.

– WC sinks and urinals

– Food processors

– Dishwasher

– Washing machine

– Stained terry

– White tablecloths

Attention: To download safety data sheets you need a password sent to you by e-mail from an Assindia employee. If you have not received a password yet, please request it immediately in the contact form or call us.
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Product sizes

The Assindia Chlorine Hygiene Cleaner is available in the following product sizes:

Chloy hygiene cleaner 1l

1 liter bottle

Article No. 75310

Chlorine hygiene cleaner 5l

5 liter canister

Article No. 75350

Chlorine hygiene cleaner 10l

10 liter canister

Article No. 75300


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