About the company

Assindia is a medium-sized company specializing in the manufacture of professional products for cleaning, care and disinfection.

The company was founded in 1957 as a wholesale company. The Latin name of the founding city of Essen, „Assindia“, combined with the characteristic AC symbol, was registered as a trademark in 1961.

After the initial production of cosmetics and hair care products, the company began manufacturing its own products in the 1960s. At the beginning of the 1980s, the company began to specialize in cleaning products for professional consumers from the large-scale consumer sector.

Today Assindia is a byword for professional products for the catering industry.

Since 1984, the company has been continued in the second generation in the spirit of the founder: Innovative, quality-conscious and environmentally aware. Assindia today offers a balanced range of cleaning products for caterers, industry, contract cleaners and bulk consumers.

Continuous research and development, the use of the most modern raw materials and complete quality control make Assindia products highly qualified products for cleanliness and hygiene.

Our goal, yesterday as today, was to make work easier, save time and achieve an optimal cleaning result.

Services offered by Assindia

Label design

You need a design for your packaging or label? Let us advise you!


You would like to expand your online store assortment risk-free with cleaning agents? Assindia offers the perfect dropshipping solution.

Contract manufacturing

As a contract manufacturer for cleaning agents, liquid products, powders and bulk materials, Assindia is your reliable partner when it comes to contract manufacturing.

Warehouse and logistics

Benefit from the special conditions of our logistics partners and save resources through our warehousing service!

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