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Assindia’s KMR is a highly active quick cleaner for coffee and espresso machines. It is in powder form and works when dissolved in water. The coffee machine cleaner dissolves resinous residues in coffee machines within a very short time. Its high concentration makes it suitable for professional use in commercial kitchens. Especially good is that the aroma and taste are not affected.

KMR is a coffee machine cleaner in powder form. It is specially designed for cleaning frequently used coffee and espresso machines in catering and commercial kitchens. It dissolves resinous residues in coffee machines and makes them work properly again. To ensure that limescale does not affect the quality of coffee and espresso, we recommend cleaning the coffee and espresso machines afterwards with a descaler.
Coffee and espresso machines are thoroughly cleaned from the inside with KMR powder. A solution of water and coffee machine cleaner is mixed, and coffee tanks and containers can soak in it for a few minutes before being thoroughly rinsed with water. The espresso machines are filled with the KMR powder instead of coffee powder and switched on normally. Glass and thermos flasks are filled with hot water and KMR powder. Rinse with water after repeated repouring, ready.

– Coffee machines
– Coffee machines
– Espresso machines
– Teapots
– Thermoses
– Coffee pots

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Protected: Sicherheitsdatenblatt Kaffeemaschinenreiniger KMR

Sicherheitsdatenblatt für den Kaffeemaschinenreiniger KMR

Note: For descaling the equipment, we recommend treatment with Green Descaler.

Product sizes

Assindia intensive cleaner is available in the following product sizes:

Coffee machine cleaner 1000g

1000 g can
Article No. 50110

Coffee machine cleaner 5 kg

5 kg canister
Article No. 50150

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