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DesOdor actively fights bad odors from a wide variety of causes. Odors of putrefaction, decay, feces and other organic residues are effectively and actively eliminated. Just like attacks with butyric acid, the smell of burning or urine from humans or animals. DesOdor completely neutralizes typical odors in smoking rooms and smoking cars.

Foul odors are unacceptable in öff ental buildings, hotels and restaurants. This is where DesOdor comes in with its Active Wirkstoff . DesOdor does not cover odors with perfume, but works at the molecular level. The active ingredients in DesOdor envelop molecules with malodorous properties. This binds and neutralizes them. DesOdor actively combats foul odors in the air, on surfacesfl ächen and on textiles.

For fine distribution, we recommend using the Sprayerfl ash Art. no. 77120. The spray valve is infinitely adjustable. For fine distribution on textiles or in the air, turn up the valve only very slightly. For a targeted spray, open the valve further. For neutralizing the room air, spray DesOdor into the room air. For neutralization of odors on surfaces or textiles, spray directly onto the surface. Depending on the intensity, leave to act and repeat if necessary. Inexpensive refill from the canister with the filling tap Art. no. 20900

– Organic acids

– Amines

– Ammonia

– Mercaptans

– Thioether

– Sulfur water sto

Attention: To download safety data sheets you need a password sent to you by e-mail from an Assindia employee. If you have not received a password yet, please request it immediately in the contact form or call us.
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Product sizes

Assindia DesOdor odor neutralizer is available in the following product sizes:

Intensive cleaner 10 liters

500ml pump sprayer

Article No. 76720

Intensive cleaner 500ml

5l canister

Article No. 77150

Intensive cleaner 5 liters

10 liter canister

Article No. 77100


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