Look like new: Cromodur brings shine and lasting protection to polished stainless steel surfaces.
Assindia’s Cromodur seals fine ground pores on stainless steel with an ultra-thin antistatic protective coating without wetting, smearing or greasing. It prevents fingerprints, stains and deep dirt. The micro-fine sprayer makes Cromodur particularly economical to use.
Cromodur is non-flammable and has a pleasant fresh scent.

Cromodur has a brilliant shine and provides durable protection for polished stainless steel surfaces. It seals the fine stainless steel surface with an ultra-thin antistatic protective layer. Cromodur does not wet, smear or grease. It prevents
Fingerprints, stains and deep dirt.
Cromodur consists of 100% active ingredients and contains no fillers or propellants. The kerosene oils in Cromodur are of cosmetic origin and well tolerated by the skin. The pump-sprayer bottle is refillable from the 5-liter canister and thus ecologically ideal.

Cromodur Stainless Steel Care cleans all stainless steel surfaces. This also includes surfaces made of polished metals such as chrome, brass and nickel. Bathroom faucets can also be excellently cleaned and polished with Cromodur.

brushed stainless steel


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Protected: Sicherheitsdatenblatt Cromodur Edelstahlreiniger

Sicherheitsdatenblatt für das Produkt Cromodur Edelstahlreiniger

Note: Cromodur is not suitable for polished surfaces. They must be treated with a polishing paste.

Product sizes

The Assindia Cromodur stainless steel cleaner is available in the following product sizes:

Stainless steel cleaner 500ml

500ml pump sprayer
Article No. 66020

Stainless steel cleaner 5 liters

5 liter canister
Article No. 66050


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